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shrimp trays

Small/30 shrimp/$34.95   Medium/60 shrimp/$64.95   Large/90 shrimp/$84.95   Ex-large/120 shrimp/$104.95
jumbo crab finger trays

Medium/50 fingers/$56.95   Large/75 fingers/$76.95   Ex-Large/100 fingers/$99.95
combination shrimp & crab fingers

Medium/40 shrimp, 25 fingers/$63.95   Large/80 shrimp, 50 fingers/$108.95 
Jumbo/80 shrimp, 75 fingers, 1 lb. jumbo lump crabmeat/$169.95
homemade crab balls

Medium/20 crab balls/$31.95   Large/40 crab balls/$59.95   Ex-Large/60 crab balls/$87.95
chicken finger and wings trays

Chicken/40 fingers/$39.95   Chicken/60 wings/$39.95